Tekkit Server Shut Down

Well, sorry to say but it doesn’t seem like anyone is interested in playing on our server but me these days so I shut it down.  I’ve actually relaunched it as a mostly vanilla server with a new IP and maybe I’ll take it live to anyone that is interested soon.  I’d like to think there are 10 people out there that might enjoy just having company while they play.

Oh well, if you played here previously, thank you for at least trying.  Maybe we’ll catch you on the next one?

World Reset & New Spawn

We’ve decided to reset the world and build a new spawn.  I was considering having us mine/craft all the resources for the new spawn but Izbj talked me out of it.  Once we get it up, we’ll invite some friends to join us.

We’ll be basing the design on Shep123’s house in the current server.  In case you didn’t get to see it, here’s a screenshot of it.

Shep123s House

I’m going to reset it in a few minutes and then the founding players will start building.

Plugins We’re Using on Tekkit Server

In case you’re just dying for more information, here are the plugins (outside of the usual Tekkit stuff) we’re using on the Tekkit server.

  • Essentials– we just can’t do without the commands we know and love.
  • Grief Prevention – this one is new to us but we’re pretty sure it’s the easiest way to manage griefing & protection.  The developer seems pretty bright too.
  • Group Manager – for managing player & group permissions.
  • Tekkit Customizer – this one lets us control block & item availability in Tekkit.  We want everyone to experience Tekkit for all it offers but some of the stuff in there just doesn’t lend itself to a fun & balanced multiplayer server.  We’ll post a list of the banned goodies soon.
  • World Border – This isn’t on yet but it will be once it’s needed.

If you know of another plugin that you’ve experienced that you just loved – let us know and we’ll take a look.  Just remember, we can only have so many before the server bogs down or becomes too expensive.