Plugins We’re Using on Tekkit Server

In case you’re just dying for more information, here are the plugins (outside of the usual Tekkit stuff) we’re using on the Tekkit server.

  • Essentials– we just can’t do without the commands we know and love.
  • Grief Prevention – this one is new to us but we’re pretty sure it’s the easiest way to manage griefing & protection.  The developer seems pretty bright too.
  • Group Manager – for managing player & group permissions.
  • Tekkit Customizer – this one lets us control block & item availability in Tekkit.  We want everyone to experience Tekkit for all it offers but some of the stuff in there just doesn’t lend itself to a fun & balanced multiplayer server.  We’ll post a list of the banned goodies soon.
  • World Border – This isn’t on yet but it will be once it’s needed.

If you know of another plugin that you’ve experienced that you just loved – let us know and we’ll take a look.  Just remember, we can only have so many before the server bogs down or becomes too expensive.

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