Server Rules

Here’s what we have so far for rules. ┬áThis list is subject to change without notice so please check in frequently for updates.

  1. Respect all members, mods, admins, owners, and guests.
  2. Griefing unprotected land is allowed. Place a standard chest in unclaimed land and you will have a protected lot.
  3. PvP is allowed. There are built in controls for where and when. Always be ready to battle.
  4. Do NOT pester mods, admins, or owners. Pester: – verb – To bother persistently with petty annoyances, requests, or questions.
  5. Do not spam or type in all CAPS . This includes local chat, global chat, /msg, /whisper, /tell, etc. Do not spam or type in all CAPS in any chat.
  6. Do not intrude or build on another players claimed area without permission.
  7. Although offensive language, prolonged and repetitive arguing, or insulting other players is not specifically against the rules, the server owner is not a big fan of any of it. If you wouldn’t do it in front of your mother, don’t do it here.
  8. No offensive buildings or constructions. This includes any and all racist, sexist, profane, vulgar, or otherwise offending constructions of any form. If even one person finds it offensive it’s one too many and we will delete your construction.
  9. No links that aren’t related to this server or to tekkit/minecraft related websites in chat, /msg, /mail, /whisper, /tell, signs, or the forums.
  10. No advertising. You may not advertise your server or any other server via in game chat, /msg, /mail, /tell, /whisper, signs, or anywhere in the forums. You may not advertise any other product this way either.
  11. No flymod, X-ray or any other type of hack. Players who use any hack will be permanently banned on sight.
  12. Any exploitation of glitches will be SEVERELY punished and may result in a ban. You MUST alert an admin immediately.
  13. For a list of banned items, click here.
  14. The server currency is Industrial Credits. We’re not sure how important those are yet.
  15. This is a work in progress. If you are looking for an established server with everything in perfect working order, this is not the place for you.
  16. Register for the forums and you will be promoted to builder.

4 thoughts on “Server Rules

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  2. I don’t think a lot of the stuff u banned, should. for instince any rm or dm should be fine well maybe not the ones that hurt. it just makes the game really boring because a lot of players like swiftwolf’s rending gale, so how bout banning the lightning

  3. oh yeah and the collecters everyone likes them this is probably why there’s nobody on the server right now

  4. Hello lily_bean. Thanks for the comments and I appreciate your opinion. We base or ban decisions on a few things, mostly it’s the impact of the item on the performance of the server and/or how the impact on the distribution of power. If no one comes because of the reasons you point out, so be it, we’ll just play all by our lonesome.

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